Lady Gaga's Fame scent drops first in Tokyo



02 August 2012

TOKYO - Lady Gaga's highly anticipated 'Fame' fragrance, marketed as "the first ever black perfume" has made its world debut in an out-of-this-world pop up shop. But it wasn't located in the giant shopping emporiums of the singer's homeland, rather it was across the North Pacific in Tokyo at the Tokyu Plaza mall in the Harajuku district. “She (Lady Gaga) said, ‘If there is one store in the world, one door in the world, it should be in Tokyo,’” said Coty Inc. general manager for Asia export Fons Houtkamp.

Hundreds of Gaga fans (she refers to them affectionately as her 'little monsters') lined up to be the first to try out the scent.They were met with a science-lab like space packed with oiled-up shirtless male models ready to spritz them with testers. An adjoining café served up black drinks and desserts such as a blackberry smoothie, a mojito made with Dr. Pepper and a black sesame sundae - delish! Though Ms. Germanotta was nowhere to be seen, she was closely involved with the creation of the space and what it would offer customers.

See the eerie process of making Fame here below...