Clint Eastwood's daughter destroys Birkin bag



30 May 2012

 When I hear the words 'Birkin' and  'bag' I think Hermès' most iconic product, endless waiting lists and handmade craftsmanship in one of the finest French ateliers known to man. Seldom would I put the words 'chainsaw' and 'gasoline' alongside the timeless accessory, but that's just what Photographer Tyler Shields did. In a  photoshoot unlike any the Birkin has known before, Shields snaps girlfriend Francesca Eastwood (daughter to Clint) taking a chainsaw and set fire to the must-have accessory - the one every fashionista would kill to have.

What they call art, many critics are calling atrocity, slamming Eastwood for destroying a product so many want to have and wasting money that could have gone to far better causes. Their destruction of the Birkin (this particular model is said to cost up to $100,000) has shone a new light on what high fashion accessories can mean to the public and how mistreating them can actually cause an uproar likened to that of a flag burning.

What do you think? Is it art or is it just plain accessory cruelty?
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