The Kids' choice Awards - who looked hot & who did not?



03 April 2012

This year the Kids' Choice Awards saw celebrities take to the orange carpet in some seriously upbeat attire. Katy Perry was close to giving onlookers photosensitive epilepsy in a Kermit the frog/tinkerbell – esque combo paired with matching goo-green shoes accessorised with purple/blue hair. The ever-smiling Kristen Stewart nearly hit the nail on the head with a stunning electric blue Stella McCartney lace dress however ‘nearly’ never quite baked the cake - Stewart fell short by wearing matching shoes suggesting more mother-of-the-bride than hot young Hollywood. One young teenster who looked fresh faced and gorgeous was little miss perfect Selena Gomez. Sporting a Dolce&Gabanna crop top/skirt ensemble and pink Cesare Paciotti pumps, Gomez looked every inch the stunning starlet that stole Bieber’s heart.