Yoga practice takes place on the beach on a sunny day.
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Between the siesta and the festa.

Where to Relax in Paris
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Paris comes with a few strings attached, which involve plenty of events, sightseeing, walking, shopping and bar hopping. So, don't feel guilty if you feel like taking a break and treating yourself to some pampering. It is probably well deserved and something worth experiencing while in the French capital. 

Europe's Top Health and Fitness Retreats for 2018
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The festive period is over and it's a new year. Life can be tough at this time with the cold weather still in full swing. After most of us over-indulge during Christmas, we feel bombarded with that 'back to work' slump. So, why not book yourself a little 'you' time at one of our recommended health and fitness retreats? 

Parrot Cay by COMO, Turks & Caicos
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If you’re heading on the road to wellness for 2016, check into these luxury hotels and spas around the world for the ultimate in health, wellbeing and fitness

Barcelona Yoga Conference by Wari Om Yoga
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Whether you're on the road a lot or in need of break from your break when in Barcelona, why not take advantage of one of the city’s many English-speaking yoga options?

What to do in London this January
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Start 2016 with a jam-packed January agenda…

Runners in Berlin's Government Quarter
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Keeping fit when you’re on a busy travel schedule can be hard, so here’s our insider tips for keeping up your fitness routine during your stay in Berlin.

How to keep fit in Tokyo
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Keep up your fitness routine in Japan's capital with our insider tips.

7 ways to get fit in London
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Fed up of the treadmill? Then try one of these new and invigorating ways to get fit and healthy while in London