Dreaming of Wellness

by 01 September 2010

Hästens presents a new series of beds. Sleep at its very best, with natural materials and the finest crafts traditions.

“We live, as we dream,” wrote Joseph Conrad, and no-one could deny that we spend about a third of our life in bed. Sleeping well and waking rested is therefore an important objective in our lives. From 1852, Hästens has been making the finest beds in the world, using only the most valuable natural materials, assembled using crafts techniques that are constantly developing as technology moves forwards. After the launch of a new generation of continental beds, the House has applied the system of dual Deltabonell springs to its Scandinavian beds: Superia II, Excel II and Marquis.

Superia II stands higher (37 cm, reaching 53 cm with feet) than other models, and its most distinctive feature is the patented dual spring system, along with superb craftsmanship that can be seen throughout the bed: a solid frame, accurate and strong seams, and soft, springy fabric on the upper side. It is no coincidence that the model was chosen by the prestigious Sheraton Excelsior hotel in Dubai. The principal characteristic of Excel II, on the other hand, is its total adaptability to the body. It has a superbly soft exterior surface, and it provides wonderfully pleasurable sensations as a result of its padding, which adapts to the weight of the user and permits unhindered air circulation. Marquis features natural padding, and the extensive use of Swedish pine in the frame. The springs are made using a special technique, each in a single piece of cast steel.

Hästens beds can be thought of as a long-term investment for health, and they are absolutely environment-friendly (they can be recycled to 100%). Each bed comes with a written 25-year guarantee against the breakage of springs and frame. In addition, each model can be personalized to individual tastes and requirements: there are 23 different covering textiles, different sizes, and four springing options (soft, medium, firm and extra firm) for each side. And so you can follow in the footsteps of the Swedish Royal Family and many other prestige clients: choose uncompromising excellence for quality sleep.

By Diamante Nigro