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5 wellness cruises that are guaranteed to boost your confidence. 

by Rooksana Hossenally 27 May 2019

As the wellness trend takes hold of the travel industry, it’s now setting sail for far flung destinations and integrating the cruise world. Forget cheesy all-you-can-eat buffet-and-booze experiences. These five inventive spa cruises are breaking the boundaries of the traditional hotel spa to a more holistic ship-to-shore mindset, with cutting edge on-board spas and mind-broadening excursions out in nature. Here’s what to expect when you leave the shore for one of these sleek new experiences that will leave you feeling fully refreshed and renewed.

Blue World Voyages Launches Its Wellness Cruise This Yea

Led by Miami-based fitness entrepreneur Gene Meehan, the new cruise line Blue World Voyages will set sail for the Med this spring, with a 900-passenger vessel that will be turned into a roomier 350-passenger ship. Guests start the day with an on-board spinning class or with meditation excursions ashore, followed by treatments at the state-of-the-art spa and sunset smoothies in the seawater pool, just before tucking into a hearty dinner - paired with wine and rustled up with seasonal products.

blue world voyages

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Seabourn Combines UNESCO Heritage Sites with Mindfulness

The best of both worlds for travellers seeking to maintain their chi while exploring the world in style. Seabourn’s liners (450-600 passengers) cover 17 destinations from North America to Australia, with on-board exercise classes, world-class dining, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences - snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of St. Barts, horseback riding in Chile or soul-searching at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Seabourn’s also partnered up with celebrity wellness physician Dr. Andrew Weil, meaning guests can benefit from a range of bespoke mindful living programmes designed to enrich and reconnect mind, body and soul.

seabourn cruise

Oceania Cruises Rolls Out Vegan Menus and Innovative Workshops

Launched a year ago, the upscale cruise company jumped on the wellness bandwagon with its own experiences. They now offer trips through the Mediterranean with laughter-immersions at Spanish farmhouses, excursions to the thermal baths in Rome and sunset yoga by the sea in Tenerife. On-board, guests can sign up for treatments at the luxury spa, take exercise classes (all complimentary), enjoy a menu of vegan options and hunker down to some serious raw juice swigging, all guaranteed to jumpstart you back to health.

oceania cruise

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Lindblad and Exhale Spa Team Up for Wellness Nature Expeditions

This back-to-nature expedition - on-board an intimately scaled liner (60 passengers) - might be just the tonic for firing up sluggish minds and bodies. Teaming up with Exhale Spa, the company offers the perfect combination of exploration and relaxation, with its voyage to the isles of Mexico’s Sea of Cortez and Baja California’s islands, aboard the National Geographic Seabird. Think morning power yoga, afternoon hikes, paddle boarding, kayaking and fireside beach camp chanting. End the day with massages and guided meditation. By the end of it, you’ll be left feeling like you’re walking on air.

Lindblad cruise 

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MSC Cruises Starts Up a Weight Watchers Programme

For a change that goes beyond relaxation, cruise giant MSC has partnered up with weight-loss leader Weight Watchers (WW) to give guests in need of a full turn-around the boost they need for a new life. The WW cruises take guests from the Caribbean to Miami or across the Mediterranean, and include consultations, specially put-together fitness regimes, motivation workshops and even cooking demos, along with WW curated buffets that actually look appetising. In true cruise fashion, evening entertainment is also on the cards, for those guests yearning to flaunt their shapelier figures on the dance floor.

MSC cruise

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