Europe's Top Cycling Trails Featured

Exercising regularly is a lifestyle that we can all easily adopt and if you haven't already then cycling could be your ideal place to start. Albeit we won’t be enrolling in the Tour de France either but scenic coastlines or moderate mountain climbs will do us just fine.

by 05 January 2018

Baltic Sea Route

For the scent of fresh sea air this Baltic route crosses a number of countries; Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Russia, Sweden and Finland. Looping across a diverse landscape of over 7,900 kilometres, primarily sticking to the Baltic coastline you’ll see numerous sandy beach, national parks and quaint seaside towns.

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EuroVelo Mediterranean, Spain

Known to be one of Europe’s most popular cycling routes thanks to its continuous sunshine, begin the 5000km route in the Spanish city of Cadiz and pass through glittering waters of Barcelona, Nice, Dubrvonik, Venice and Athens. Stop along the way and soak up the Mediterranean sun at these ancient cities and enjoy a local bite to eat.

View of the Acropolis Athens

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Camino Frances, Spain

Famously known as a pilgrimage route as opposed to cycling, this particular route will have even the speediest of cyclists stopping at every view point. Starting at the village of Roncesvalle, you’ll cycle across 790km of landscapes where you’ll pass through old medieval towns, glorious hills with vineyards and mountain ranges to gaze at for miles.

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Elbe Route, Germany

For the moderate cyclist the Elbe route flows in the direction of the famed river. Starting at Cuxhaven on Germany’s northern coast you’ll travel 1,260 kilometers, crossing the mountains of Saxon Switzerland National Park where it borders to the Czech Republic. Along the route you can stop and admire the many vineyards, endless scenery or warm up with a hot drink in Hamburg.

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North West Trail, Ireland

If you like the fresh outdoors this family-friendly Irish route will keep you calm and collected. You’ll travel over 300 kilometres across Ireland’s North West region through six counties - Dongeal, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Cavan, Leitrim and Sligo. Witness Irish culture with some friendly locals, tranquil country roads and traffic-free zones that the kids will love to zip through.

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