Summer Travel Beauty Tips Featured

 Reach your destination looking, and feeling, great when you try these travel beauty tips and tricks.

by 21 July 2017


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Make sure that you bring moisturiser with you when you travel. Summer heat can dry out your skin, and a good moisturiser keeps your skin healthy and soft. Although most moisturisers work well, LUXOS recommends that you try a gel-based moisturiser that dries easily, and does not leave your face looking greasy. Apply moisturiser before or after a long flight and step off the plane feeling fresh and ready to embark on a new adventure.

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Avoid the summertime burns by placing sunscreen on your face before heading out. If you have a lighter complexion try a higher SPF rating. The American Cancer Society recommends SPF 30 and above, but make sure to consult a dermatologist if you're nervous about the right sunscreen for you. If you don't feel like wearing foundation, choose a tinted sunscreen. Although there are many brands of sunscreen, La Roche-Posay is a light facial sunscreen that doesn't leave your skin feeling oily.

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Travel Mineral Mist

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Refresh your makeup and save time on your beauty routine by spritzing your face with mineral water. Misting your face with water also serves to cool your body down and leaves you feeling more awake. Spray the mineral mist throughout the day and remove sweat, salt and other impurities caused by summertime travelling. One mineral water mister that works well with every skin type and skin care regime is Evian Mineral Water Spray found at Sephora and other makeup shops.

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Lip Balm

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When you travel, forgo lipstick and stick with lip balm. Not only is lipstick prone to wear off, but it also does not protect your lips. Wear lip balm all day and don't worry about leaving a stain on your wine glass or needing to wipe your lipstick off at night. If you want to add a little colour, try a tinted balm like Burt's Bees Zinnia tint. Your lips will appreciate it.

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Cream Makeup

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Powders can sometimes be difficult to blend properly, especially if you're not in front of a brightly lit bathroom mirror. Therefore, opt for cream-based cosmetics that are easier to apply. Another benefit of cream makeup is that you don't have to use as many brushes, leaving more room in your luggage for a cute hairband or your favourite pair of flip flops perfect for the beach.

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Makeup Wipes

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Don't worry about packing facial soap or searching for a clean sink if you bring makeup remover towelettes. Both gentle and efficient, Neutrogena towelettes can clean off residue from a long day of travelling as well as take away water-proof mascara. Wash your face, prevent breakouts, feel refreshed and get to sleep earlier when you use makeup remover towelettes that leave you feeling fresh and clean whenever you use them.

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