How To Enjoy Summer Sans Beach Featured

Summer is the perfect time to try what you have always been curious about.

by Veronica Estudillo Velasco 07 July 2017


With beautiful weather, flowers in full bloom, and sunshiny days, summer is the perfect time to explore the world and try new activities. If you’re looking for a bit more than a trip to the beach this summer, here are four recommendations that will take you on new adventures.

Trivia night


Trivia night at a local bar is the perfect excuse to meet new people, drink artisanal beer and show off your knowledge. Trivia is a trend that has risen to prominence over the past several years and you can find a bar hosting a trivia night in almost every city. Be ready to meet new people while enjoying a classy cocktail. Winning teams usually get a prize so don’t miss out on this fun opportunity and be sure to bring your friends along with you!

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Go on a road trip

Road trip

Long summer days and warm temperatures can only mean one thing: road trip. It is an excellent opportunity to travel with friends and family as well as unplug and connect with each other on a different level. As beaches all across the country fill up leaving very little wiggle room, nothing is better than starting your own adventure on the open road. You’re in complete control over where you go and how to get there: adventure lies in the most unexpected places. Road trips are about the journey, not the destination, so choose your travelling companions with care.

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Get active

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Get outside and explore. You don’t have to be in a specific area to go for a brief walk or run. If working out is not your thing, don’t worry; you can try new activities that leave you feeling energised. Take a walk around your neighbourhood and clear your mind, you might discover a cute boutique or hidden park you never noticed. Alternatively, you can sit back and relax at a picnic with friends. The point here is to leave your house, enjoy the warm summer vibes, and let your mind wander.  

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Visit museums and cultural centres


Let your talents and passions transform your summer experience. Visit local museums and enrich yourself culturally. Museums and cultural centres are a great starting point for innovation, they usually hold diverse collections that can inspire you. Remember, new ideas require creativity, and art exhibitions can help you see beauty in a world that during the winter feels a little grey. Jumpstart your creativity by visiting beautiful museums full of ancient knowledge and new ideas. 

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