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Heading to a foreign country can sometimes be overwhelming. Thats why you have LUXOS. Let us guide you during your travel experience with all the DO's and DONT's.

by 23 June 2017

It is no secret that the Italian culture is praised for it’s food, wine and of course high fashion. As an American, my expectations of experiencing all the finest things Italy has to offer during my stay this summer have been exceeded.



Used to eating dinner around 6 p.m, the dining experience came as quite an adjustment. I was shocked to learn I would have to wait until around 9 p.m (at the earliest) to enjoy a plate of pasta accompanied by a refreshing glass of white wine. What would I dine on in the meantime?

The Italian answer - an aperitivo.

Fortunately, I am staying in the birthplace of the aperitivo, Milan. So I have had the pleasure of experiencing some of the best aperitivos Italy has to offer. A dining experience like no other, Italian aperitivos are comparable to an American buffet, but of course like anything else in Italy - they are better. Complete with an assortment of wines, beers and cocktails, aperitivos provide endless amounts of hors d’oeuvres to accompany your drink. When you are in Italy be sure to try to aperol spritz - an Italian aperitif classic. Grab a plate to feast on the freshest mozzarella, tomatoes and bread while enjoying the company of friends and family at an aperitivo. Dining is a sacred time in Italy to be cherished by all, so it back, relax and dine in true Italian style.


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galleria vittorio emanuele ii milan 1 

The only thing better than the food and wine in Italy is the fashion! You can find in every Italian city the chicest boutiques. If you are headed to the fashion capital of the world, Milan, The Galleria is a must-see destination. Stores like Prada, Louis Vuitton and Versace are visited by some of the world’s most famous stars, politicians and fashion icons. Be sure to pack only your most stylish clothes because fashion is a way to express oneself in this country. Although fashion varying from city to city, you can always find Italian’s dressed to the nines, so be sure to back your trendiest pieces.

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