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Unconventional Mother's Day Ideas

Skip the flowers and mimosas, and surprise your mom with an adventure she’ll never forget.

by Sarah Leonhardt 21 March 2017

After years of macaroni necklaces and World’s-Best-Mom coffee mugs, it’s time to step up your game this Mother’s Day. Show mom how much you care with an adventure that gives her stories to tell for years and memories to hold close forever. You can brunch together any day of the year, but when else can you talk mom into playing a game of paintball?

Go Scuba Diving


Grab mom’s hand and take the plunge into an underwater world. A scuba adventure filled with fish, coral, and maybe even a sting ray or two will be a breathtaking way to spend the afternoon. If a nearby coast isn’t available to you, look for an aquarium in the area that offers diving with fish, dolphins, or even sharks.

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Play Paintball


Nothing like a little friendly competition with the family. Go paintballing for a fun and colourful experience that we’re betting mom hasn’t had before. This sport is easy to pick up quickly and will involve some major teamwork, so it will make for the perfect bonding experience.

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Get Matching Tattoos

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Mom may need a little persuading for this one, but matching tattoos will not only be a wild way to spend the day but to commemorate your love for life. Find an image or quote you both find meaningful, and pop into a tattoo parlour this Mother’s Day for a trip under the needle together.

Go Zorbing


It’s called Zorbing, and it’s a must-do with mom. Climb into these clear plastic bubbles to complete obstacle courses, race, or even walk on water together. You can each be harnessed into your own, or go rolling down the hills in one side-by-side.

Pet your favourite exotic animals


Revisit your childhood trips to the zoo with an up-close encounter with the wildlife. Many sanctuaries and zoos offer backstage passes that will let you and mom pet her favourite animal. Together you can hold a tiger cub, feed a giraffe, or spend a day with a penguin colony.

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