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Top 5 Escape Rooms in Europe

Think you’re clever? Think again.

by 10 October 2016

Put your mind to the test with these 5 almost inescapable Escape Rooms - designed with some of the most ingenious clues, mazes and mental obstacles. We’ll tell you how to get there, but we can’t tell you how to get out.

Secret Rooms – Milano



Milano’s Secret Rooms is an escape room company with maniacal escape briefs and concepts. In the “Sabotage Room”, the brief is to stop a third World War by infiltrating a military base and stealing nuclear launch codes.  In addition, with the “Nightmare Room” you must escape from a false reality in which your soul is trapped. Both missions must be accomplished in no more than 60 minutes.

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Escape Plan – London


Escape Plan

Escape Plan is a creative, live escape game themed with the dangerous backdrop of World War II. With the clock working against you, there is only one hour to gather Intel and save the world from fatal doom. This year, there is a new room set in the barracks of P.O.W  camp – with only an ex-prisoners old journal to help you escape.

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TeamEscape – Hamburg


The Gallery

Hamburg’s TeamEscape features another set of dastardly rooms with mind-bending puzzles. Break into the walls framing “The Gallery” room, where a famous art collector holds an expensive collection of pieces for the taking; or crack the “Hofman Formula” as you gain access to a secret lab with the anecdote for a deadly pandemic.

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Escape Hunt – Paris


Escape Hunt

Become Sherlock Holmes for an hour at Paris’ Escape Hunt. The detective-themed escape room includes two perplexing scenarios of tracking a thief’s stolen loot and a Cabaret’s leading dancer that has gone missing.  In either case, solving will be far from elementary.

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Roomescape – Stockholm



Rated as the #1 fun thing to do in Stockholm according to trip advisor, Roomescape creates for an wonderful, mentally-stimulated activity. With 7 different rooms which vary in themes and briefs, the Stockholm escape room offers plenty of changeling missions for clever-minded individuals.

1 Roomescape
2 Escape Hunt
3 TeamEscape
4 Escape Plan
5 Secret Rooms