The Shopping Wall The Shopping Wall

Vending machines that sell caviar, gold, diamonds and more

Vending machines are going to get more popular thanks to the convenience they offer and increasingly becoming an essential component of our instant-fix

by 30 June 2014

The latest generation of vending machines accept credit and debit cards, are connected to the internet, and sell items that were unthinkable a few decades back.

Here is a list of our favourites...

5. The Shopping Wall

One of the best things about a vending machine is that it eliminates the need of any kind of interaction with sales representatives and storekeepers. Especially while buying electronics. Amsterdam-based company “Automated Retail Concepts” created an innovative new retail model called ‘The Shopping Wall’. Rather than a series of vending machines, the Shopping Wall is a stand-alone fully automated retail shop that sells everything from cosmetics to electronics like iPod and smartphones.

4. Vending machine that sells flats in clubs

As looking good is given more priority than wearing comfortable and practical shoes, especially at a club, some genius Brits have come up with a brilliant solution for ladies who have to contend with the pain. Clubs in the UK have vending machines that sell flats for only 5 pounds. There are two companies that sell shoes through these vending machines; Afterheels and Rollasoles. Afterheels offer flats that are made of 100% natural and fully recyclable materials. The shoes even come with a bag to put your heels in. The Rollasole shoes are for those who want to look good even while dancing as its design is funkier and has a metallic bow.


3. Vending machine that sells gold

These vending machines actually sell jewellery and precious metals. Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace introduced a gold dispensing ATM back in 2010, thanks to German entrepreneur Thomas Geissler. The machine can dispense small bars of up to 10 grams or coins with customised designs.


2. Luxury vending machine that sells diamond bracelets

If you think the idea of selling gold coins and bars out of vending machines is already the bees knees, in 2011, to celebrate Fashion Week in New York, USA, Hudson Hotel had installed a large vending machine in its lobby that dispensed fashion accessories, which included items from upcoming and promising designers from the US. Luxury fashion items included a diamond and wood strand bracelet from Ruby Kobo, a python clutch from SANG A, and a rabbit fur jacket from Jolibe.


1. Caviar Vending Machine

Gourmet food supplier, Beverly Hills Caviar, were the first to installing vending machines in select Los Angeles malls that serve up fresh caviar, escargot, and other exotic goods. The company, which is renowned for serving up luxury cuisine worldwide and operates only one by-appointment-only specialty store, stocks over 24 varieties of caviar from around the world, which range from the 30 dollars per ounce American Black Caviar to the Imperial River Beluga, costing 500 dollars per ounce.