Professional hugging services now available The Snuggle Buddies

Professional hugging services now available

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by 08 May 2014

Loneliness and isolation are becoming an increasing phenomena in big cities and some business companies are devising new ways of combating this. While a series of Cat Cafés have been opening up lately in Europe, providing customers with a roomful of feline companions to keep them company, there are now a few companies thinking up ways of taking loneliness therapy to the next level.

An East Coast based ‘touch therapy’ organisation known as The Snuggle Buddies – masters of platonic touch - have introduced a service for those in need of a tight hug at the end of a long day and can now hire a professional cuddler to sooth their stress away.

According to the firm’s website the therapy offers a variety of benefits including ways of overcoming stress, depression and anxiety thus promoting relaxation, improved social skills, self-esteem and sleep.

The cost of a good cuddle?  Around 60 dollars an hour and 400 dollars for a 10 hour overnight.