An unlikely home for an unusual creature

A 155 million year old dinosaur finds a home in the desert

by 13 March 2014

A 155 million year old Diplodocus skeleton, which had been auctioned off at a Sotheby’s Auction last year, has found its new home in one of the world’s largest shopping and entertainment malls.

It is the latest attraction located at the Dubai Mall, which features the skeleton in a permanent display at the Grand Atrium. The exhibit is free to the public and on-site staff is ready to offer interesting insights into its discovery and reconstruction.

The Late Jurassic Period dinosaur is set to attract visitors from far and wide. This intriguing reptile is an impressive, 24.4 metres long and 7.6 metres high, and is unique in that nearly 90 per cent of its bones are original. Beautifully preserved, It does not have an equal in any of the world’s museums or private collections.

The most original diplodocus skeleton prior to this one had only 30 per cent fossil bones from the original structure.