A never-ending wardrobe just a click away

My Secret Dressing Room

by 28 October 2013

We've all been there… you have an important evening, and there's nothing in your wardrobe that is right for the occasion. Shopping is great fun, but there's never enough time to search for exactly what you want, and, let's face it, in this day and age, is it really worth investing a fortune on a gown you'll only wear once? On the other hand, what will you do with those items that you've bought but worn once or not at all? You can't take them back to the stores, and tossing them out is not an option, especially after all you've invested.

In Milan, a team has been hard at work, bringing together fashionistas of different backgrounds, devising a solution to this dilemma. The result: My Secret Dressing Room. It's an online platform that allows members to interact and solve their fashion problems.

For your next occasion, you (on this site you'll be known as a Secret Fan) just need to logon to www.mysdroom.com, browse through an endless selection of items (gowns, bags, shoes and much, much more), select the date, and then click on your favourite pieces. You can leave all your worries behind! Once you have sent your request, the articles will be delivered to your door right in time for the event. Dressing up was never this fun! The secret is that you are borrowing the items. For the price of a new designer gown, you'll be able to find your dream outfits for dozens of events.

You can use the portal in the opposite direction as well. If you don't know what to do with those shoes you bought and never wore, you could give others the opportunity to wear them, and earn a little. Simply become a Secret Stylist. If you're worried about who will use your items, keep in mind that unless you give a final OK, based on reviews from other Secret Stylists regarding the Secret Fan who intends to borrow your products, they'll stay right where they are in your wardrobe. But in any case, My Secret Dressing Room has already done the worrying for you, and has arranged special insurance coverage for whatever damages may ensue for your products. Not to mention they are returned freshly pressed from the dry cleaners. It's like having a personal, round the clock fairy-godmother.

My Secret Dressing Room solves all the problems. It's as fun as playing Cinderella, without having to keep track of the time, and without the cash flow problems caused by those pesky ugly sisters!

The service will be launched from November 2013 in Milan, and very soon in select fashion capitals. For more information visit www.mysdroom.com