Vault Couture - How to organize your global wardrobe

An innovative luxury service that manages and delivers your garments to wherever you are

by 04 July 2012

For high-intensity lifestyle travellers, clothing can be a problem. Of course, one solution could be to buy a new outfit whenever you arrive at where you're going, but nearly always you'd prefer to wear a cherished, tried and trusted look. Now, for people who have long since run out of wardrobe space and who have difficulty even in finding the garment that they'd like for that gala dinner, there is a new service, Vault Couture, that organizes everything for you. Basically, they catalogue your clothes and accessories, store them in perfect conditions, and deliver them to wherever you are, after you've chosen them on a website or your iPad. The result: no more hunting through cupboards, shelves and boxes for that Pal Zileri jacket you know you have somewhere. No more having to get that Valentino floor-length gown ironed at short notice. No more worries about lost luggage.

The first stage is cataloguing all your garments. Clothes are photographed from all angles, recording condition, brand, personalization and any eventual damage. The data is stored in an online data base, and the clothes are whisked away to a temperature-controlled vault, in central London. If you prefer to keep your stuff at your own home, the Vault Couture staff will hang, fold and archive the garments there.

After this, with all the clothes on the data base, you just have to choose the items that you'd like from a website that can be accessed through the internet or an iPad app, and Vault Couture organize delivery anywhere in the world. Quick, fast, reliable.
There are a couple of interesting extra services. Professional in-house seamstresses are on hand for minor alterations and repairs. The online boutique marketplace, Vault Boutique, allows members to buy and sell pre-owned garments, an ideal method of monetizing treasured pieces that they can no longer use or wish to eliminate from their wardrobe, and for finding the past season's must-haves.

In short, the perfect service for people who have too much clothing, too little wardrobe space, not much time, and who travel a lot. Customers are often pleasantly surprised to rediscover some garments that they had forgotten they had, and perhaps had never actually worn!


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