Global luxury brands and their work for good causes Featured

The greatest names in fashion, jewellery, watches and other fields, helping to create a better world.

by 14 October 2009

It is not a cliché to say that we care a lot about the environment and our next generation. They are even on the agenda of major labels worldwide. Nowadays, almost every brand is involved in some kind of charitable activity. The question is not so much about why luxury brands get involved, but how. Whether they are in fashion, jewellery, watch, etc, they are applying their creativity not only to their seasonal collections, but also to ways of creating a better world. Publicity and profit aside, giving back to the global community perhaps is one of the best ways to make a name, and most importantly, make a difference.

For A Good Cause
This year, Bulgari celebrated its 125th anniversary, and has been proudly chosen to support the “Rewrite the Future” campaign of the largest independent international organisation for the defense and advocacy of children's right, Save the Children. Bulgari has created a unique ring with the Save the Children logo engraved inside. 20% of each sale of the ring will be donated to the campaign. Celebrities such as Isabella Rosellini, Jason Lewis, Willem Dafoe, Mischa Barton, Ronaldino and many more showed their support. They sported the silver ring in striking portraits shot by renowned photographer Fabrizio Ferri. These portraits were exhibition at a special event held at The Landmark in Hong Kong in June. Bulgari also developed an 11-piece high jewellery collection and seven luxury timepieces with an estimated value of three million euro.

Charity items are a great way to promote a cause or support an organisation. Ever since Caroline Grousi-Scheufele met Elton John at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000, Chopard has been supporting the Elton John Aids Foundation. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their collaboration, Caroline and Elton have designed a new watch collection together. Aptly named the new Elton John Watch Collection, royalties from each and every sale of the glamorous timepieces will go to support the work of the singer-songwriter's foundation.

At the time when this article was prepared, Jimmy Choo also launched its Project PEP with the Elton John Aids Foundation. Project PEP aims to support underprivileged women in South Africa. By November 2009, a limited-edition collection of Jimmy Choo tote bags, signature heels and ballet flats will be available in Hong Kong.

Protecting the Environment
Along the lines of helping the next generation and people in need, the environment is also a concern. Tag Heuer recognised the importance of preserving the planet by apointing Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and activist, as the brand's new ambassador. Royalties from this three-year deal and a multimillion-dollar commitment from Mr. DiCaprio himself go to support major environmental initiatives. Locally, Shanghai Tang continues its support of the "Save China's Tigers" organisation. Last year, a limited-edition polo shirt with design featuring the endangered South China Tiger - believed to be the origin of all tiger sub-species - was released. Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh and Kaige Chen are just some of the well-known patrons of the organisation that has been re-wilding and breeding the South China Tiger.

Also on a more local scale, Piaget works with charity organisations in Hong Kong every year. Its support of both Wai Yin Association and the Hong Kong Cancer Fund has directly contributed to local communities throughout Hong Kong.

At the end of the day, charity come from the heart. This spirit is perhaps best captured by the Cartier’s "Love" initiatives. Every year, the brand donates 10% of its worldwide sale of the jewellery collection to humanitarian organisations. Last year, Cartier established the “Love” music project, bringing together 12 distinguished melody makers worldwide to create original music interpreting the notion of love. In May this year, Cartier appointed singer-songwriter Tanya Chua as its ambassador. She travelled to an art and cultural school in Huaiyang, Henan province, and organised a music workshop with the children. By giving them musical instruments and performing her songs, Tanya and Cartier have left an indelible mark on these children living in a remote region in China. It is encouraging to know that major brands go to such great lengths to bring a little happiness and support to those in need.