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15 April 2011

Chap of the year - a contest to be held in London on 21st May 2011

What is a chap? A gentleman, but more modern. A connoisseur with wit and humour. An aesthete, but with contemporary originality. A courteous individual who is always ready for adventure. The "Chap of the Year" contest will be held on Saturday 21st May 2011 at the Grand Hall in central London, in order to find the person who best combines elegant dress, grooming, good manners and gentlemanly bearing. There have been thousands of applicants, but these have been reduced to a short-list of ten, who will battle it out live before a live audience and a panel of judges.

There are no limitations on age, race, social class or gender – a chap can even be a woman in this context. A chap is a person who saunters about the world, dressed immaculately from head to toe, perfectly groomed and with such good manners that everywhere he or she goes, they leave a trail behind of good cheer, open doors, freshly dusted seats and bonhomie. A Chap is well-dressed, debonair, dapper, courteous and ready to lay down his gloves to do battle with the forces of modernity. The judges will assess sartorial flair, grooming, and skills of seduction, while the audience will witness proceedings while enjoying great cocktails.

The contest is run by The Chap magazine, It will take place on Saturday 21st May, starting at 9 p.m. (doors open an hour earlier).
Locatioon: The Grand Hall, The Town Hall, Euston Road, London. Tickets £20, bookings, tel. +44 (0)207 7724 1617.

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