Premier jewelry brand Paspaley introduces a diamond signature


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13 September 2010

Paspaley, renowned for the most beautiful pearls in the world, celebrates its 75 years of pearling with the introduction of a unique innovation on all its strands, the Paspaley Strand Signature. The Paspaley Strand Signature is an exquisite Paspaley branded diamond, flush set into one of the strand’s pearls and is the customer’s guarantee of provenance, authenticity, natural colour and natural lustre.

Paspaley strands are esteemed throughout the world as the pinnacle of quality and natural beauty. A strand bearing the Paspaley Strand Signature is the best quality strand one can buy – perfectly matched for colour and balanced in size, created with the world’s best stringing technique. The diamond signature is an assurance of provenance and superior quality, and will guard against imitations.

The very rarest and most exceptional of Paspaley super strands will be set with a pink diamond. Only a few such strands are able to be assembled in the world each year and as such the Paspaley pink diamond signature truly signifies the absolute pinnacle of pearl and strand quality.

Says Paspaley Executive Chairman Nicholas Paspaley AC, “Our customers are discerning and seek out the finest quality products with authentic provenance. With a 75 year heritage dedicated to the creation of naturally beautiful pearls, we are excited to pioneer this new strand feature for our customers’ reassurance of true quality and natural beauty.”

Only strands purchased from Paspaley boutiques worldwide will carry the Paspaley Strand Signature.

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