Diamonds Are Forever: The ONE By KURZ

Choose The ONE diamond collection for your special one.

by 04 June 2019

There are many legends behind diamonds. A superstitious one even claims that if you loan your diamond engagement ring to another woman to wear, she will steal the heart of your fiancé. Whether you are the kind of person that trusts magic, or not, we can all agree that strong messages usually come in the shape of diamonds.

Ever since 1948, KURZ Jewellery and Watches helps deliver yours.

The ONE is KURZ’s latest collection that gravitates around the twinkling solitaire. The KURZ Eternity diamond ring is characterized by a brilliant-cut, perfectly ordered facets, and flawless shimmer. With 18C white gold, H-S1 quality and GIA certification, the eternity ring promises to shine for eternity.

kurz theone 1

Every woman’s dream will come true when wearing such refined and high-end piece of jewellery. From day to night, she will draw all the right attention shining as bright as the diamond itself.

With 10 boutiques in and around Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lucerne and Geneva, the Swiss company is well known for designing and displaying refined pieces of jewellery. The boutiques are also home to nationally and internationally brands including jewellery collection by Chopard and watch manufacturers Omega, Breitling and IWC.

Founded 70 years ago by Armin Kurz in Zurich, KURZ meets your high standards.

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