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Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Antonini Featured

An exclusive jewellery collection to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Antonini.

by Lavinia Pisani 25 April 2019

All begun in 1919, when Sergio Antononi decided to secure a spot among the craftsmen populating the charming streets of via Orefici, via Moneta and via del Bollo in the heart of Milan. Despite the construction changes that perpetually shape the industrious city of Milan, there are a few historical treasures that are being preserved. Antonini’s showroom in Piazza Borromeo 12, is one of them. The extraordinary frescoes - dating back to the 15th century - and the glass cases displaying the brand’s jewels, will make you wonder dream about the past.

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2019 marks the centenary of Antonini. The Anniversary100 collection is made of yellow and white gold embellished with subtle waves of diamonds, that harmoniously define the shape of both the jewel and its wearer. Celebrated as one of the brand’s most iconic collections, Anniversary100 exceeds expectations. The sheen of long chains, rings and earrings is as dazzling as ever thanks to the stones set on a 45-degree angle. Antonini’s luxe version - made of white gold and I-colour diamonds - is even more exceptionally brilliant and sparkly.

antonini anniversary100

Italian Heritage

Deeply connected to its Italian heritage, the hundred-year-old jewellery brand often pays tribute to the beauty and culture that are distinctive of the boot-shaped country by naming its collections Matera, Syracuse, Ethna... This is still the case with Anniversary100; a collection that not only celebrates the anniversary of Antonini, but also the little town of Cento in the region of Emilia Romagna. Still characterised by an ancient Roman heritage, Cento is an example of what inspires creative director Sergio Antonini. Architecture, design and contemporary art are passions he enjoys in his daily life and that are tangible in his creations.

cento emilia romagna italy

International Influence

Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid are a few of the celebrities that usually choose Antonini to walk the Hollywood red carpets. As Italian as Antonini may be, it always keeps an eye on global trends. His desire is tailor Italian-made jewels with an international twist. From the United States to Russia and Japan, Antonini has established itself as one of the best italian jewellery brands.

Antonini Anniversary100 collection production 6 ph credits Aldo AgnelliPhoto courtesy of Antonini. ©Aldo Agnelli

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