Jewellery hack: adaptability Featured

One amazing piece or several lesser pieces? How adaptable jewellery lets you have both.

by LUXOS editorial 24 January 2019

Usually, jewellery is even more unwavering than stone. Being made of the most rigid materials in the world, it is seemingly impossible to customize a piece to one’s daily life; that is unless you pay dearly for it. Enter adaptable jewellery. By having the ability to remove and add precious stones at will, a single piece can transform into the perfect accessory for any occasion.  

One of the most significant adaptable pieces of all time is Queen Elizabeth II’s Vladimir Tiara.

Maria Pavlovna of Russia in tiara

With numerous white diamonds, the royal tiara is as intricate as it is dazzling. Undoubtedly one of the Queen’s favourite pieces, the tiara was designed so that some of the diamonds can be interchanged with pearls or emeralds. This had consistently create that perfect match with parure of Her Majesty, Kate Middleton, and Princess Diana amongst other royals.

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Several contemporary jewellers have adopted the historic concept of adaptability.

The craftsmanship involves the creation of a special structures, so that the gemstones can capture light and retain their natural beauty even in the more complex settings forged in the precious metals.

Examples of this permeate many luxury brands in the forms of jewellery for both everyday life and special occasions.


This Parisian brand’s Ma Préférence collections includeds 18K gold rings featuring an intelligent design in which the gemstones can be switched without the aid of any tools. The adaptability of these rings does nothing to undermine the typical, stunning elegance of Poiray’s collections.


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Georg Jensen

A pure silver necklace, the Neckring 160 by Danish maison allows the main gem on the pendant to be changed with a selection of natural and smoked crystals. In this case, adaptability only adds to the intrigue inspired by Georg Jensen’s simple but absorbing designs.

george jensen

Marina B

This Italian jeweller features a drop earring in its Pneu collection, in which the bottom gemstone can be interchanged using a special tool included with the purchase. These caught the attention of movie star Elizabeth Taylor, who wore the earrings to fabulous events befitting both her and Marina B.

marina b 1 

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