Very Chopard Another vision of Happy Diamonds

by 24 June 2010

The famous Happy Diamonds line by Chopard is perpetually reinvented, as its precious twirling diamonds continue to spin their dizzying charm. Loyal to the symbols that have forged its fame, the latest collection named Very Chopard picks up the theme of hearts and circles, while lending them a more sophisticated conical shape.

Although complex to create from a technical standpoint, this particularly innovative approach endows the jewellery models with exceptional radiance and gives greater amplitude and depth to the moving gemstone.

Within this original showcase, as if set free to whirl in a beam of light, the captive brilliant appears freer and more sparkling than ever, sliding and merrily bouncing off the mirrors surrounding it, playing endlessly with its multiple reflections. Crafted in white or rose gold, the rings, earrings, pendants and charms bracelets in the Very Chopard collection come in gem-set versions or plain. As ever in quest of perfection, the brand even offers two types of gem-setting: external, as the crowning touch; or internal so as to harmoniously encircle the moving diamond. Two alternatives denoting a sense of refinement and elegance that are very Chopard!

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