Tiffany & Co.'s 'City Hardwear'

New York’s premier jeweller, Tiffany & Co., combines the power and spirit of the Big Apple itself in the latest collection.

by 11 May 2017

Tiffany's 'City HardWear’ collection embodies the energy of the New York City streets, where inspiration has been drawn from the urban city dweller with a rebellious twist of high-end fashion and street style.


Inspired by an original, Tiffany & Co. unisex bracelet from 1971, the designers behind the collection have reimagined the classic number and introduced a generous dose of modern edge, featuring new pieces. This time, the collection includes earrings, rings, necklaces and pendants to seamlessly take your outfits from day to night.

The intensive metal features were designed to capture the essence of the industrial city of New York, with a signature link encompassing the core of this symbolic collection, while the clean and simple shapes of the hardware represent utility and modernism. Their 18K gold chain necklace features graduated links that change in scale, engulfing the clasp with it for a sophisticated, clean finish.


Another highlight in the collection features a detachable lock and ball bracelet. Tiffany & Co. has reinterpreted the original design, keeping the industrial feel but adding feminine curves and modern accents. The piece is as classic as it is versatile, allowing unique styling, from urban evening chic to leather-jacket street wear. Pair the triple drop earrings with an evening dress for a striking look, both back and front with a symmetrical finish. 

While the industrial, utilitarian vibe is ever present in the 'City HardWear' collection, the pieces remain loyally 'chained' to Tiffany's historic signature designs and irresisitible charms, a heritage that every woman in NYC and beyond would certainly be proud to carry and identify with.


To see more items from the collection, visit the Tiffany & Co. website.