Rings by Elizabeth Gage, with a fascinating historical influence Rings by Elizabeth Gage, with a fascinating historical influence

Distinctive Jewellery: Find Your Cut Featured

Express your own identity with exquisite jewellery pieces by the top maisons.

by 09 June 2016

So much jewellery, so little time. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, every design in between and the list goes on. Choosing a serious piece from a vast selection can be a daunting task. You have to consider many criteria, from the quality of the precious gemstones, to a style that truly speaks for itself. Perhaps the hardest but most crucial part is finding a piece that can go beyond mere functionality (making you look absolutely dazzling) and becomes a true expression of yourself. We have chosen from some of the most distinctive styles available on the market today so you can make them quintessentially yours.

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Spanish Flair

DA13951-030101-Savia-ring-in-yellow--white-gold-with-diamondsSavia ring in yellow & white gold with diamonds, by Carrera y Carrera


DA13916-030101-Alegoria-ring-in-yellow-and-white-gold-with-diamonds-and-pink-sapphiresAlegoria ring in yellow and white gold with diamonds and pink sapphires, by Carrera y Carrera

An alchemy of nature, myth and Spanish flair, Carrera y Carrera from Madrid is famous for its 3-dimensional pieces that are created much like mini-sculptures. Prototypes are placed on a wax tree to be retouched, then transformed into gold through a lost-wax casting technique. Another of the Spanish maison’s hallmarks is its unique finish, with matt surfaces juxtaposed with areas of high polish, giving the pieces extra visual and tactile interest. You can fully appreciate these details in the Universo collection with its Art Nouveau-inspired Alegoria and Origen; the geometric Prisma, and Savia’s faun and flora designs.

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British Style

templarGAGE0519968-renderTemplar rings by Elizabeth Gage

GAGE04 350-1-renderRings by Elizabeth Gage

With a unique regal style, award-winning master goldsmith and designer from the U.K. Elizabeth Gage has been spearheading British jewellery for over five decades. As wearable as they are collectable, her pieces exude an eclectic style that reveals different sources of inspiration. The flexible Agincourt rings engineered on a foxtail chain, the architectural Templar rings inspired by 14th century pageantry, the Charlemagne rings as a tribute to the original, central gem that symbolises ruling power...

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Italian Chic

VISUAL VALENTINES DAY-1The Bulgari-Bulgari Cuore collection, ring in pink gold with pavé diamonds

CL857494 001 fulPendant from the Bulgari-Bulgari collection

11.-Milano-pendants-by-PomellatoMilano pendants by Pomellato

9.-Milano-rings-by-PomellatoMilano rings by Pomellato

Instantly recognisable, the BVLGARI logo with a Roman epigraphic ‘v’ has been an enduring symbol of the Italian jewellery house since it debuted on the Bulgari-Bulgari watch in 1977. More contemporary than ever, the new Bulgari-Bulgari Cuore collection gives the minimalistic design a romantic twist, incorporating it into a heart shape. Amongst pink gold, mother-of-pearl and pavé versions, the flippable heart featuring the logo on one side and pavé diamond on another is a modern classic.

Drawing inspiration from Milan, the Italian fashion and design capital, Pomellato puts a fresh new twist on succinct designs. The iconic chain can now be appreciated on the Milano ring. Like the other faceted and perforated pieces, the rings can be worn as chain-less pendants as well for a quick change of accessories in the morning. Perfect for fashionistas on-the-run.

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French Sensibility

Rondes-de-Nuit-necklaceRondes de Nuit necklace by Chaumet

Perlee-braceletsPerlée bracelets by Van Cleef & Arpels

Eclat-Floral-ringsEclat Floral rings by Chaumet

From a regal touch to contemporary designs, French jewellery reigns supreme with its far-reaching iconographical sensitivity. Van Cleef & Arpels’ iconic fairies, fauna and flora-inspired collections are perfectly complemented by the simple yet elegant Perlée pieces, instantly recognisable for their beaded aesthetic. A tribute to the maison’s original style from the 1920s, Perlée bracelet have become a new classic in their own right with precious materials and dynamic lines. Crafted in white or pink gold, diamond-set or non-set, fully-beaded or smoothly finished, the pieces can be worn alone, in pairs or trios for a personal style.

One of French history’s most well-known personalities that exuded a style all her own is without doubt Joséphine. Chaumet has revisited its archives documenting this influential icon to create a new collection, named after her. The Rond de Nuit pieces with their concentric design, the airy Aigrette Impériale silhouette, the Éclat Floral featuring coloured gemstones, and the delicate Aube Printanière have distilled the essence of Josephine’s graceful yet natural style.

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