Gübelin Academy Managng Director Helen Molesworth Gübelin Academy Managng Director Helen Molesworth

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Gübelin Academy offers gemological certification courses in Hong Kong and Switzerland



03 June 2016

Founded over 160 years ago, Gübelin is a family-owned Swiss jewellery maison. Dr. Eduard Josef Gübelin, born in 1913, was a pioneer who created an authoritative gemological appraisal system, a wholly new approach with respect to the traditional jewellery business at that time. Having dedicated his life to gemology, he travelled around the world to collect stone samples and brought them back to Switzerland, thus building a solid foundation for Gübelin’s laboratory services.

Today, Gübelin Gem Lab’s coloured gemstone certificate is amongst the world’s most attested. The certification examines the gem’s origin, colour, cut, transparency and many other characteristics. Any serious collector who wants to have his or her gemstones recognised worldwide would want to possess a Gübelin certificate.

Gübelin Academy was founded in 2013 - on the occasion of Eduard Gübelin's 100th birth day - with the aim of bringing gemological knowledge and passion to the world. This is without doubt great news for collectors and experts. The courses, taught by Gübelin’s own trained gemological scholars, are divided into three levels, studying different gemstones, origins, qualities and classifications. Participants will get to analyse gemstone structure and characteristics, study their places of origin, right through to refractory indices interpretation and actual appraisal experience. As of 2013, Hong Kong was the first city in the world to offer Gübelin’s gemological course.

Gübelin Academy Managing Director Helen Molesworth explained, "Gübelin Academy was founded in the very spirit of the great Eduard Gübelin: to share gem knowledge and passion with the world. Dr Gübelin was a remarkable man, a scientist, gemmologist, who spent hours at his microscope, analysing gemstones in order to discover where and how they might have been formed. In some circles, he was known as 'the Father of Origin Determination' for the great research he did on inclusions and gemstone origin determination. Of course, these are all part of what we teach and share at Gübelin Academy."

gubelin academy managng director Helen MolesworthGübelin Academy Managing Director Helen Molesworth

Molesworth emphasised, "Gübelin was a writer, a teacher, a poet; someone who delighted in discovery and equally in sharing his finds. This is all key to the heart of Gübelin Academy, an educational unit with a scientific and practical yet emotional approach, where we can share our great knowledge accumulated over six family generations in the spirit of Eduard Gübelin."

gubelin academy managng director Helen Molesworth 3Gübelin Academy Managing Director Helen Molesworth teaching one of the courses

The first level course is a wonderful starting point for all collectors, enthusiasts and professionals who want to gain some formal gemological knowledge. Participants will examine rubies, sapphires and emeralds, taking an in-depth look at the origins of these jewels and their characteristics. After passing an exam at the end of each level, participants will receive a certificate attesting their gemological appraisal qualifications.

gubelin Academy hk class roomGübelin Academy Hong Kong

"In Hong Kong we have a dedicated academy team, with full-time trainers teaching in English, Cantonese and Mandarin on request. We hold regular monthly and alternate monthly classes for Coloured Gem Professional Level 1 and Level 2, and will be launching Level 3 in Hong Kong next year, " Molesworth continues. "Our students come from all over Asia, and the world even, as Hong Kong is such an international hub for the jewellery industry. In Switzerland, our Coloured Gem Professional classes are held in English several times a year in Zurich and Lucerne, as we have a very international client base, from trade to privates, with all levels of experience."

Recently, Gübelin Academy held its Coloured Gem Professional Class in Singapore with great success, as the academy continues to bring gemological expertise to  the public, fulfilling Eduard Gübelin's life mission.

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