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Colours of spring: Chantecler Featured

Spring jewellery goes beyond ruby, emerald and sapphire

by 21 April 2016

While it is true that the jewellery industry remains a somewhat secretive trade, the diversified use of gemstones and precious materials has opened up a new world: jet, titanium, rock crystal are some of the best examples. Jewellery designers nowadays ask the question “why not?” as they push the envelop of what a beautiful piece should look like, or better yet, what it should be made of.

Capriful 1

A whimsical name for a whimsical collection, 'Capriful' by Chantecler uses pink and red coral, turquoise and many semi-precious gemstones to reflect the colours of Capri where the jewellery maison was born. All the earrings, pendants and rings have a dainty dewdrop design, set off with pink gold and pavé diamonds for a warm glow. Chantecler is spotlighting gray mother-of-pearl that makes an intriguing combination with other brighter pieces in the collection.

Capriful 2

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