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Spring jewellery goes beyond ruby, emerald and sapphire

by 21 April 2016

While it is true that the jewellery industry remains a somewhat secretive trade, the diversified use of gemstones and precious materials has opened up a new world: jet, titanium, rock crystal are some of the best examples. Jewellery designers nowadays ask the question “why not?” as they push the envelop of what a beautiful piece should look like, or better yet, what it should be made of.

Boucheron's Ama clip earrings  combine the allure of innovative ear jackets and traditional chandelier design. Amethyst has been expertly crafted into sculptural shapes like waves or icicles, to symbolise the courage of ‘Ama’, or Japanese for ‘sea women’ who dive deep into the sea in search of seaweed, fish and pearls.