Innovation by design: Sicis Image © Sicis

Innovation by design: Sicis Featured

The traditional world of Italian jewellery turns a new page with younger styles

by 14 April 2016

It is no secret that most Italian jewellery maisons have been passed down through the generations in the family. What distinguishes Italian jewellery most of all is perhaps its gold craftsmanship that is both sound and intricate. For those who have reservations about Italian jewellery designs that tend to be more classic, new collections featuring more contemporary shapes and minimal lines will without doubt change your perception, particularly of several brands that have been around for a long time. Now is the time to rediscover them.


For over 25 years, Italian mosaic manufacturer Sicis has gone far beyond interiors to create innovative jewellery pieces that takes this ancient art right into the next millennium. The stunning Quetzal necklace is set with colourful micro-mosaic pieces on super-lightweight titanium, creating an incredibly vivid depiction of an exotic bird and its vibrant plumes. The result? A truly wearable piece of Italian art.