Messika at Baselworld 2016 Messika at Baselworld 2016 Image © LUXOS

Baselworld jewellery 2016: Messika's Skinny style Featured

A contemporary jeweller's fresh approach to high jewellery  

by 18 March 2016

Messika showcases contemporary jewellery designs and its unique take on high jewellery at Baselworld 2016.

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The Skinny style features spring set diamonds which allow slim necklaces and bracelets to twist and move with the body. Ear jackets sensuously dangle serious ice both in front and behind the ear - ultimately adding so much more light around a woman's face. The best-selling Angel collection is a departure from the popular wings design with a truly 3-dimensional volume.


LUXOS_Messika_1Image © LUXOS


Pieces from Messika's constellation-inspired high jewellery collection do not just have fancy names, but boast a mix of rare and traditional cut diamonds - triangle and marquise, for example - , while short and long necklaces can be joined together to create a stunning sautoir.


LUXOS_Messika_2Image © LUXOS


All Messika pieces have been designed for the woman to wear them by herself and create her own style, whether it is a set of two rings linked by a detachable chain or hinged necklaces that she can snap on and off - asserting contemporary women's true independence.


LUXOS_Messika_3Image © LUXOS