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Armaggan's new collection transforms nature's elements into striking jewellery pieces



13 November 2014

ARMAGGAN's unique accessories are created by combining precious gems, traditional jewellery techniques and contemporary designs. Available only at ARMAGGAN ateliers, their dazzling jewellery collections are finely crafted using diamonds and pearls, and feature their exclusive, trademark shade of real gold.

In their latest fall/winter 2014-15 collection, ARMAGGAN's designers conceived a natural world consisting of water drops, clouds, waves of the sea and wild flowers in the prairie, crafted using the brand's signature 18-carat gold and precious gemstones. ARMAGGAN's intricate jewellery is made by the hands of expert artisans who combine traditional jewellery-making techniques with contemporary designs to create a super-natural world of luxury. You can discern the influence of classical, historical Turkish symbols, but the masters have a way of stylizing these motifs into graceful pieces of jewellery.

Interior of the ARMAGGAN boutique in Nuruosmaniye

Produced at ARMAGGAN's ateliers in Nuruosmaniye, home to the finest jewellery makers for centuries, these timeless pieces convey a sense of Turkish cultural heritage by preserving the traditional craftsmanship techniques in jewellery design. See ARMAGGAN's new limited-edition pieces at the brand's Nuruosmaniye or Nişantaşı stores.


Abdi İpekçi Caddesi, Bostan Sokak 8
Nişantaşı, Istanbul
Tel.+90 212 2916 292

Nuruosmaniye Caddesi 65
Nuruosmaniye, Istanbul
Tel.+90 212 5224 433