Extremely Piaget, a profusion of colour in jewellery

To mark its 140th anniversary, Piaget has created 88 new jewellery pieces and 37 watches, in a collection named Extremely Piaget hallmarked by superb colour.


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01 October 2014

This is a very special year for Piaget. To mark its 140th anniversary, the brand has created 88 new pieces of jewellery and 37 watches, in a collection named simply ‘Extremely Piaget.’ The pieces are hallmarked by splendid colour, and flowing, mobile shapes that provide great freedom of movement. On many pieces, the separation between jewellery and watch disappears, in pieces that combine watchmaking brilliance with haute joaillerie. Highlights of the collection include some very special stones, such as two emeralds weighing over 25 carats, an engraved ruby exceeding 20 carats, and a 20.2 carat cushion sapphire. In a section named ‘Extremely Sparkling,’ over 1,500 marquise-cut diamonds bring light and fire to Piaget’s unique style in watches and jewellery.


Though celebrating the many decades of Piaget’s history, the collection looks back to one period in particular, the 1960s and ‘70s. That was an age at which society was changing fast, with the stars of the stage and cinema bringing a taste for luxury jewellery into contact with the population by means of red-carpet appearances. Locations such as Rome, Venice, Monaco, Saint Tropez and Cortina became the meeting places preferred by the most glittering exponents of society. Yves Piaget and his colleagues observed the new trends, and introduced new materials, colours and designs, considered as radically daring at that time. This is the origin of the superb hues of this anniversary collection.

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PIAGET7 088Piaget’s watchmaking is as refined as its jewellery expertise, and the collection includes pieces that combine both arts, such as a sautoir necklace with a tiny watch at the tip of one of the pendants. In the classic cuff watches, the gold mesh bracelet is a remarkable tour-de-force of jewellery, while in the ‘secret’ versions, the centre stone can be lifted to reveal a watch dial. And in sautoire necklaces in gold adorned with lapis lazuli or turquoise medallions, there is a tiny watch in the tip of one of the pendants.

Such exceptional pieces can only be crafted by a company with an extensive heritage of skill in jewellery techniques. Gold has always been Piaget’s metal of reference, preferred for the shimmer and sparkle that it gives to the gems and semi-precious stones used in their pieces. Piaget have an ongoing training programme for new generations of artisans, and so procedures such as jewellery chain-making, so important in pieces such as necklaces, bracelets and cuff watches, are the same that have been used on workbenches for centuries. A piece of jewellery by Piaget, whether from the Extremely Piaget collection or from a previous range, embodies contemporary design, finest-quality gemstones and precious metals, along with craftsmanship that establishes a link with man’s millennial passion for the finest mineral beauty that the earth can provide.

Visit Piaget in London:
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You can also find Piaget at Harrods, Selfridges, and Marcus (170 Bond Street).