Diamond Loop collection earrings Diamond Loop collection earrings

Diamond Loop by Harry Winston Featured

Based on the tear-drop shape of several of Harry Winston’s favourite gems, the Diamond Loop collection is a modern interpretation of a timeless motif.


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28 May 2014

Diamonds are a taste of eternity, not just because of the famous slogan ‘A diamond is forever,’ but because many natural diamonds were formed a long, long time ago, from one billion to over three billion years ago. In other words, far before the appearance of man. The age of a diamond could be 75% of the age of the Earth. This is one of the reasons why diamonds are pure romanticism.

Of all the cuts, pear-shaped diamonds are perhaps the most romantic of all. They evoke teardrops, in their combination of the oval and marquise forms. They are delicate, above all at the tip, and require expert cutting to avoid certain defects typical of the shape. Harry Winston dedicated his life to enhancing a diamond’s beauty and promoting these products world-wide, and today, the brand has a vast heritage of expertise that it lavishes on its new pieces.


Teardrop gems are given new expression in the Diamond Loop collection by Harry Winston. The pieces are all crafted by hand from platinum and diamonds, and the pear-shape is enhanced by an outline motif – the loop in the name – sparkling with brilliant-cut stones. In some variants, the teardrop becomes a space at the centre of the four leaves. Ideal for creative coordination, the collection includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.