The legacy of Gilan and its high-end jewellery

The house of Gilan has poured Istanbul’s glamorous past into its lavish designs.


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22 May 2014

"Istanbul's history is in Gilan's DNA," says Osman Geylan, as we tour the Treasury of the Topkapi Palace, where the most magnificent jewels such as the 86-carat Spoonmaker's Diamond sits to bedazzle even the mightiest jewellery connoisseur. Since the 15th century, Topkapi Palace has been home to many Ottoman sultans and the source of inspiration for the many artisans trained in the jewellery trade in the city of the seven hills.

When The House of Gilan took up the renovation project of the Topkapi Palace Treasury rooms, the brand wanted to convey a clear message, Mr Geylan says. "This project was an important first step towards our mission for expressing our respect for the 600 year-old tradition of Ottoman jewellery making and preserving the cultural heritage that formed our design philosophy." This respect originates from their grandmother, who had sewn tailor-made dresses for the Ottoman Pashas in the Ottoman-ruled Kosovo in the 19th century.

With roots deep in the 8,500 year-old history of Istanbul, Gilan today is a renowned high jewellery brand famous for its daring and seductive designs, the quality of the gemstones used and the Mystery Palace Setting Technique their masters employ in making awe-inspiring, unique pieces. The brand has many celebrity fans around the world such as Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, Drew Barrymore and Aerin Lauder, who fall instantly in love with the fairy tales evoked by Gilan jewellery. Step in to Gilan's luxurious boutique in Istinye Park and you might find in the VIP room a princess or a celebrity about to fall in love with a Gilan piece.

Visit Gilan in Istanbul:

Gilan Mücevher Evi
İstinyePark 459, İstinye
Tel. +90 212 345 50 08

Four Seasons Hotel at the Bosphorus 28, Beşiktaş
Tel. +90 212 258 21 63
Akmerkez, Etiler
Tel. +90 212 282 05 76