Bulgari Four Seasons collection Bulgari Four Seasons collection

Bulgari interprets the four seasons

Nature has long been one of the principal inspirations for high jewellery, and this collection of pieces is the perfect example.


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11 February 2014

The original necklace design, based on delicately-carved leaves with realistic veining and bright stone colours, was launched as part of the Diva collection in July 2013. That piece became ‘summer’ in this new mini-range of four pieces, one for each season. In winter, the leaves are covered with diamond pavé, a perfect interpretation of the magical purity of snow and ice. In ‘summer,’ warmth and light are captured by yellow gold, emeralds, mandarin garnets and amethysts. ‘Spring’ features pink gold, tourmalines and peridots in two bright shades of green, contrasted with amethysts.

All the leaves in each piece are sculpted individually, and they are all slightly different, just as in nature. Just as the leaves on a tree sway in the wind, the necklaces are flexible and follow the movements of the body.

Take a look at the images in the slideshow, which provide a glimpse of how these pieces are created. Better still, visit a Bulgari boutique to find out more.