Annarita Celano shows her fine jewellery at Etoile la Boutique Featured

Italian designer Annarita Celano is known for her extensive network of friends, sumptuous cashmere collections and now a beautiful jewellery line.



31 January 2014

The designer, who is originally from Naples, now works across Milan, London and New York. Her collection CELANO features a refined range of intricate jewellery pieces that are inspired by her classical and historical studies background. We caught up with Celano in Dubai for the launch of her collection at a pop-up shop at Etoile la boutique.

The one thing that one gathers immediately from Celano is an unmistakable passion for all things beautiful. As we go through the delicate rings, bracelets and necklaces on show, it is easy to see how the designer’s many travels as well as life in Italy have influenced the development of her jewellery line. “I love travelling and encountering different cultures,” she says. “This has been a big part of my life as well as inspiration as a fashion and jewellery designer.” But Italy remains ingrained in her heart. She studied ancient Greece and Rome and the graceful art and architecture from antiquity continues to be an undying source of inspiration.

On display is Sea Urchin, her latest collection. “I love the sea,” she says. “Growing up in Naples I was constantly surrounded by the sea. I would often wake up and look out at the sea from my window. The sea is an important part of my everyday life.” While the collection is composed of delicate abstract shapes and lines that at first glance cannot be easily associated with the sea, there is an elegance and grace within them that can only be found on calm waters. There’s a magnificent bracelet with attached ring made in gold that graciously covers the hand as it if it were a transparent glove. Through such creations, Sea Urchin evokes marine life as well as the ambiguous and constantly changing forms of deep sea corals.

Celano is presenting the collection for the first time in Dubai precisely because she believes that the Middle Eastern luxury market is greatly expanding. "What attracts me to the UAE is that it is a market where people have a great knowledge about luxury," she says, noting the elegance of the women’s clothes and luxurious tastes. Showing at Etoile la boutique in midst of such a selection of world-renowned designers serves Celano well. She’s also known for her friendships with Stefano Gabbana and Anna Dello Russo who are strong supporters of her brand. Elegant, ethereal and incredibly gracious, these unique jewelry pieces are specially crafted treasures.

Dates and locations of the pop-up store:
8, 9, 10 December 2013, Etoile ‘La Boutique,’ Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, tel. +971 4 3414 166
11 and 12 December 2013, Etoile ‘La Boutique,’ Galleries Lafayette corner at The Dubai Mall, Dubai, +971 4 3399 933 ext. 2718