Fabergé and the Art of Colour Featured

The new campaign film directed by James Appleton presents the latest Fabergé collections, with the maison’s very contemporary, brightly-coloured jewellery pieces.


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04 November 2013

Fabergé is a jewellery brand with a long and glorious history, but its collections are perfectly in tune with contemporary jewellery trends. The latest collection features lots of colour, with fine gems beautifully set to create pieces that enhance the beauty of the wearer. This is brilliantly demonstrated by the video campaign named ‘The Art of Colour,’ in which the subtle sophistication of the jewellery fits perfectly with the understated luxury of the setting.

The pieces highlighted in the campaign include the multi-gemstone Emotion rings; signature egg pendants that create a playful reference to Fabergé’s history; the characteristic pieces in the Treillage collection; and the spectacular cocktail rings. The gemstones include emeralds, sapphires, rubies, spinels, tsavorites, and precious coloured gemstones by Gemfields.

The Devotion series is based on superb, large individual gemstones, highlighted by the brilliantly-crafted setting, framed by pavé diamonds. The Emotion series includes the sparkling cocktail rings, without doubt one of the most significant 2013 high jewellery trends. A multitude of stones, carefully selected but with subtle differences in size and colour, are set in such a way as to cover the entire surface. The result is a powerful, colourful statement, and each ring is an individual work of art.

Gemfields is a welcome development in the high jewellery sector. It is an ethical gem mining company, delivering stones that are completely trackable from mine to the final jewellery piece. In addition, the mining procedures themselves are planned to have an impact on the earth that is as low as possible. This eco-sensitivity will delight all those who believe that a quest for beauty should not damage the future of our planet.

Still images for the campaign were shot by Camilla Åkrans.