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Witness the magical play between precious gems in this brand new garden of sparkle


Turkey Editor

29 October 2013

In the world of Gardin, you will witness the fascinating story of a brand that illuminates the future with the sparkle of the past. You will meet timeless and universal designs that embrace the heritage of the brand’s birth place. You will see how Gardin's exclusive designs touch the soul of a woman with lines that blend the innovations of modern design with the elegance of the past.

Inspired by Istanbul’s colourful history, magical tales, romantic gardens and its current breathtaking vitality, Gardin embraces the flawless artistry of the past to create an extraordinary world of contemporary design.

Bridal, Diamond, Design, Colors and Heritage are the main collections in Gardin’s range of jewellery, designed with passion, exceptional craftsmanship and savoir-faire.

All lovers of jewellery secretly wish to own something unique and to look perfect. To meet their desires, Gardin uses diamonds, rubies and emeralds, each rendered unique by nature, in perfect harmony, making absolutely beautiful earrings, necklaces and rings. Carefully selected valuable stones, set in pieces of extraordinary design and simplicity, become an unmistakable, distinctive statement of beauty.