Dancing with colour Featured

Gilan's dreamy designs and colourful gemstones



15 October 2013

Colour has a way of enhancing our world, boosting our mood and giving free rein to the imagination. Just like everything else that inspires stylish women, gemstones with bright colours are in high demand all around the world. Admit it – it’s hard to resist the magnetic sparkle of an emerald ring, a ruby necklace or a sapphire earring for seasoned seekers of elegance.

Internationally-renowned Turkish jewellery house Gilan knows its way around these colourful and valuable gemstones, used in their exquisite and delicate jewellery designs. As any luxury lover would know, it is not getting any easier to find the perfect match for a Colombian emerald or a pink diamond. Nature intended these rare gemstones to be unique, but it is only in the capable hands of Gilan's craftsmen that these can live in harmony in the shape of a ‘one of a kind’ piece. It’s not a coincidence that Drew Barrymore, Nicole Kidman, Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz and other celebrities from all around the world prefer Gilan’s exquisite designs, because it makes them feel special to wear a unique objet d’art on their person.

Inspired by the radiant vivacity of Istanbul, Gilan emphasizes the importance of wearing their colourful jewellery designs instead of keeping them in vaults. Think of emeralds that flow from the back of your neck on a necklace, the glimmer of ruby earrings on your face or a bracelet that paints your wrist blue and green with its precious emeralds and sapphires. Why deprive yourself of the pleasure of carrying a unique expression of Istanbul’s historical and cultural heritage? With its signature blend of dreamy designs and precious colourful gemstones, Gilan opens the doors onto a magical world where you can customize your own designs with the stones of your dreams.