Gilan's wow factor

Tradition meets fantasy in the House of Gilan where creating wondrous jewellery is an everyday affair

by 10 May 2013

With their exotic silhouettes, vibrant gemstones and beautiful craftsmanship, Gilan’sjewellery pieces look like magical objects taken from a fairytale. On the red carpet, these works of art worn by some of today’s most prominent actresses shine bright in the spotlight. What gives Gilan’s creations this unique character?

To find out, we will have to go back to the beginning of the 20th century in the town of Gilan, where the maison’s founders and brothers Muharrem and Ferhan’s great grandmother worked as the head seamstress for the Ottoman pashas in Turkey. Her passion for her craft passed on through the generations. In 1980, the Gilan brothers opened their wholesale jewellery store in Bursa. As they turned to Istanbul – an East-meets-West melting pot rich with Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations - for inspiration, their jewellery designs took off.

The Heritage Collection is the maison’s signature. Pearl earrings set with exclusive rose-cut diamonds; a swirl of sapphires, tanzanites and white diamonds in the ‘Dancing on the Bosphorus’ ring; a pair of pendant earrings with the same theme featuring rubies and diamonds dangling from a swirling sapphire design. What gives the jewellery pieces theirdistinguished look is Gilan’s500-year-old jewellery making technique. A diamond is first set on silver, which is then bound to yellow gold, finished with an engraving. The result is a soulfullook that is at once glamorous and timeless. A variation on this collection, the Contemporary Heritage Collection, exalts this age-old jewellery-making technique in sleek, modern designs. Every piece speaks volumes about Gilan’s heritage: enduring, precious yet perfectly contemporary at the same time.

The Journey to Dreams Collection is a celebration of the Silk Road, evoking exoticism, mystique and emotions. The Elegant Feathers ring, brooch and necklace are so vivid that they seems to take flight, set with sapphires, emeralds, savourites and white diamonds. The Dance of the Pheasants necklace is a lively portrait of the birds at play, where the scenery – adorned with sapphires, rubies, coloured diamonds and savorites- literallyspills out of the pendant. A butterfly rests on a branch in the delicate Butterfly and Mulberry Tree necklace, dazzling with pink sapphires, emeralds, coloured diamonds and white diamonds.

Gilan’s dreamlike jewellery is every bit a reality as they are genuine inspirations and a nod to tradition. Its expert metalwork accentuates extravagant gemstones in unique designs, as every creation captures the imagination and heritage comes alive.