Ode to joy

The exquisite art of enamel jewelry



03 May 2013

The exquisite art of enamel jewelry making dates back to ancient times and archeologists in the 1950’s discovered pieces on the island of Cyprus that were crafted somewhere between the 13th and 11th century BC! All the great civilizations have created a form of enameling throughout the ages and this extraordinary technique is still lovingly carried out today by Freywille, an Austrian maison that was established in the the 1950’s in the heart of Vienna’s historic center. Of course much has changed since the 13th century BC, and the smooth vibrant finish of Freywille’s pieces is a testament to the superior craftsmanship and profound know-how of this jeweller.

The wonderful collections are created by an expert team of artists, designers and goldsmiths whose apparent passion for their craft comes alive every season through colourful and sophisticated necklaces, bangles and so much more! The workshop is still today the heart and soul of the maison where the pieces are created, inspired by art and philosophy.

The Daisy is the new ring of the season: the simplicity and cleanness of the circular design is beautifully balanced by the enamel patterns at their center and look just as wonderful worn on their own or stacked to dramatic effect. With names like ‘Homage to Gustav Klimt’, ‘Hope’ and ‘10002 nights’ that are both sensual and thought provoking, you realize that you will be acquiring - or giving so much more than a piece of jewelry-it’s a thought process, a philosophy…

‘Ode to the joy of life,’ another profoundly aptly named collection bursts with refined vitality in a celebration of love and happiness: available in strong, popping colours that speak to passionate love as well as in more delicate hues perhaps dedicated to a quieter more discreet kind of love!

Another favourite for this spring/summer is a celebration of the Mother Nature’s most glorious moment: the blooming of her flowers in a cornucopia of rainbow colours, the Floral Symphony collection. Opulent yet profoundly elegant, like the floral explosions we are treated to every spring and summer, the patterns are veritable works of art set against a gold background that make the colours even brighter and more sublime.

Light hearted and chic, Freywille continues to create lovely statement pieces that are masterfully and lovingly made. Truly quite unlike anything else you have ever seen before, this delectably unique jewelry will brighten your life!