Forget eggs, we hope the Easter bunny gifts us with these

This spring's finest jewellery, from brilliant designs to stunning gemstones



06 March 2013

What better way to sweep away your winter blues than with beautiful new jewellery? Welcome the warmer season with colourful, sophisticated pieces that light up your smile and brighten your day. Some of the most prominent names in the jewellery world have created spring-worthy collections, in which butterflies and birds flutter amongst budding blossoms and dancing leaves. Don't have a green thumb? With this season's delightful assortments, you can cultivate your own unique style for a perfect look.

Asprey’s new Woodland collection designed by Shaun Leane is a breath of fresh air and a nod to British luxury. The contemporary collection consists of earrings, charm bracelets, cocktail rings, pendants and necklaces, all themed around an oak leaf motif. Earrings come in the shape of a single leaf or a wreath, which is also available on an intricate ring. You can create your own elegant yet fun piece with 18-carat gold charms – conkers, gooseberries, blackcurrants and pine cones – on a bracelet or long necklace. The Woodland collection sparkles at night with its show-stopping cocktail rings. Beryl, peridot and tourmaline are stunningly wrapped in a wreath of oak leaves, pavé-set with matching gemstones. Twinkling lights in a garden at night.

De Beers Diamond Jewellers take a walk on the wild side with its Imaginary Nature masterpieces featuring jawdropping ice. The collection’s signature brooch is set with an incredible 16.38-carat pear-cut diamond. It can be attached to a bold necklace, or matched with a fantastical cuff for an ethereal look. The evocative names of other pieces suggest a new world of light and movement – Unveiling Earrings, Cascade Earrings, Flight Ring, Embrace Ring and Ascending Ring. The dynamic, sculptural silhouettes capture the lightness of petals, the strength of a bird's wingspan and the 3-dimensionality of infinite curves. The combination of diverse diamond cuts and settings gives each piece a unique look.

Carrera y Carrera’s Gardenias collection showcases the blossom in all its beauty. Two precious metals create two completely different impressions of the flower: in 18-carat yellow gold, the Gardenias earrings, pendants and rings glow like an unforgettable sunset; in white gold, the pieces shine with an icy glamour, spotlighting the Spanish jeweller’s bold designs and savoir-faire. From Olivia Palermo to Natasha Yarovenko, the Gardenias collection has every woman in mind.

Pasquale Bruni’s iconic blossoms and butterflies create a personal paradise for every woman. The Liberty Diana ring and pendant with blue iolite, sapphires and diamonds set in white gold vividly reflect the colours of the sky, while Bon Ton’s colourful flower rings, pendants and earrings, crafted in a rainbow of gemstones – amethyst, peridot and ink quartz – are the perfect backdrop for a charming garden.

Adler is in search of a darker, more mysterious garden with its use of carbon, a new material in high jewellery. Lightweight, earthy and intense, it is paired up with diamond for a dramatic effect. The Green Envy collection, with two white gold bracelets and a pair of earrings, plays up emerald, looking ‘greener’ than ever against carbon’s eternal black and diamond’s dazzling white. Carbon appears just as fascinating in the Sunset Shades earrings, bracelet and necklace, which combine the innovative material with diamonds, different shades of brown diamonds, as well as white and yellow gold for a warm, glowing result.

Bulgari’s Flora jewellery collection features nature’s most beautiful colours, and for every shade, there is a stunning gemstone to match. Brilliant diamonds, vibrant orange mandarin garnets, deep green emeralds pink and fancy coloured sapphires and many more are combined in unexpected ways to create a refreshing palette that is unmistakably Bulgari. Behind what seems to be a simplistic silhouette is an intricate metalwork that sets all the gemstones at just the right angle to create maximal dazzle. Never has nature been so breathtaking.

Tiffany & Co. present their newest collection in the form of a freshly trimmed spring garden, where blossoms of diamonds, in vibrant shades of orange, pink, blue, green and yellow, majestically adorn rings, pendants and earrings in a bright new collection – Colours of Wonder. These rare specimens glow in all the radiance that only Tiffany diamonds can possess, because as the ‘King of Diamonds,’ Charles Lewis Tiffany set the standard for these bright gems.

From realistic depictions to fantastical images, the enduring theme of nature in jewellery continues to astound and amaze with its constant evolution. Sprouting from a design, it grows, blossoms and turns into fruits of labour.