Bucherer - Flawless love

The 1888 diamond solitaire by Bucherer is as unique as the love of your life


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22 February 2013

Do you believe in love at first sight or an eternal, loving bond? Some of us may have only a single soul mate whom we encounter through some wonderful stroke of fate. It will seem like we are under this person’s spell; a sensation of elation permeates the entire body and magic fills the air. Such love will unleash feelings that are difficult to put into words. What else if not a diamond, the most precious of all gems, can best express these profound emotions? Diamonds have been a fitting synonym for purity, preciousness and eternity from time immemorial. Set in a ring, a diamond also symbolizes togetherness, connectedness and faithfulness - there can be no greater declaration of love.

The “1888” solitaire ring, whose name alludes to the founding year of the long-standing Swiss company Bucherer, is perfection and fascination in its purest form. Only diamonds that meet all quality criteria with the highest classifications may ultimately adorn this timelessly beautiful ring. Decisive here are the so-called four Cs as in “cut”, “colour”, “clarity”, and “carat”, which are strictly examined by Bucherer’s experienced specialists. A perfect cut is what first breathes life into a raw diamond and allows it to shine with an unearthly luminosity. Its size must be at least 6.5 millimetres or one carat and it must captivate with unfailing, flawless quality. In other words, even a 10-fold magnification reveals no inclusions within the diamond. These strict criteria for the “1888” solitaire ring are met by only a handful of diamonds each year – to give you an idea, as many as can fit into a single champagne glass. So this ring is an extremely rare treasure, as unique as the love of your life.

The design, conceived in Bucherer’s own studio, is purposely discreet and pays tribute to the solitaire’s extraordinary quality. Many hours of masterful craftsmanship go into this timelessly beautiful ring, which is forged with fabulous platinum at Bucherer’s traditional Lucerne studio. The felicitously-designed 6-claw mounting allows for optimal light diffusion, letting the king of gems sparkle in all the colours of the spectrum.

Bucherer’s peerless 1888 solitaire ring allows you to silently express your admiration, adoration and affection in the most beautiful way. After all, a diamond is not just any gift. It is a gift for the love of your life!