Celebrate the year of the Snake

Jewellery maisons provide some perfect gifts ready for 2013

by 11 December 2012

According to Chinese astrology, the year 2013 is the Year of the Snake, which begins on 10 February 2013 and ends on 30 January 2014. The snake is all about money, and next year (according to experts), it will be wise to save money. So why not take a look at the jewellery shown here? And make your purchase before 10 February!

2013 is, to be more precise, the year of the Water Snake, the yin version. Superficially, this means that we should take extra care with financial transactions. Read the small print in those contracts. More deeply, just as snakes shed their skin to develop, in 2013 we will gradually understand what is hidden both in our own lives and in the world around us. It will be a year of reflection, an increase in undersstanding, gradual progress.

Bulgari's Serpenti collection has been a highlight of the brand from the 1960s on, and the latest products include rings, bracelets, pendants and handbags. Below, an image of the Serpenti watch.

Serpenti necklace by Bulgari:

Roberto Cavalli has launched a ring in which a faceted Swarovski crystal is held by a metal snake.

Carrera y Carrera makes some aggressive-looking Snake Pendants in white or yellow gold.

Cartier is a maison that has long worked with the world's most ferocious predators, such as crocodiles commissioned by Maria Félix, panthers for the Duchess of Windsor, and snakes, used for jewellery watches, in which precious stones and gold create an astonishing degree of realism.

A final note: the image on the home page (also below) is a historic piece by Cartier, commissioned by Mexican actress Maria Félix. It was made in 1968, with 2,473 diamonds, and it is fully articulated, so that it can be wrapped around the neck and shaped at will.

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