Pomellato 67, the new collection

Solid silver jewellery pieces with a rock vibe

by 02 November 2012

The name of the collection, Pomellato 67, refers to a year, 1967, therefore 45 years ago. That was a time of rock, love, rebellion and creativity, above all amongst the young generation who, with their courage, changed the face of society. 1967 was also the year in which Pomellato began its ascent from crafts jeweller to a global brand. The motifs with which they launched their collections at that time have been given a new dimension, crafted in solid silver.

The 47 pieces comprise the iconic irregular chains, earrings, bracelets, charms and pendants. The original motifs have been increased in size, which in itself makes them more contemporary. A new material has been introduced, synthetic hydro-thermal quartz, and an old, forgotten material, marcasite, has been given new life.

The logo has also changed. The weighty pieces are still superbly crafted, but what is new is their youthful appeal. The collection was presented in Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, in September 2012, and its distribution in Europe begins in November. A new temporary store has opened in Milan specifically dedicated to the new range.

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