Cartier - Walk Like a Panther

The Queen of Cats' noble reign continues at the House of Cartier


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29 October 2012

She sleeps in the Grand Palais, her pelt flecked with diamonds, reclining on a bed of emeralds. She voyages to St. Petersburg, where her power and majesty captivates the tzars. Emerging at dawn, her sapphire eyes survey the sweeping steppe, before she journeys to the Great Wall of China and dances with dragons, bewitched by exotic terrains of lapis lazuli and jade. She's a plaything of the Maharajas, roaming their gilded palaces with abandonment and elegance. She meets the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, who flies her back to the Rue de la Paix in his incredible flying machine.

She began life as a drawing, an invitation to a party, her magnificent coat inspiring the faces of watches, vanity cases and tiaras. She became an obsession, a fascination imbued on platinum, then developed into full-volume majesty, diamonds lining the feline’s lithe muscles and pose. She is bottled into a scent that captures the panther’s freedom, spirit and lure. She became the soulmate to femmes fatales, women of substance, power and beauty - Wallis Simpson, Barbara Hutton and Princess Nina Aga Khan - accompanying them to elegant balls and intimate soirées. She defined Jean Toussant, nicknamed La Panthère, her magnificent pelt gracing the Cartier Creative Director’s Parisian apartment’s floors.

She resides in the bestiere, the queen of all the animals, prowling among diamond-lined canopies of orchids and leaves. She frightens the flamingos, and is more regal than the crocodile, mightier than the serpent and more rarefied than the tiger. The panther reigns supreme in Cartier’s glittering menagerie: she is its ruler, spirit and soul.

“It is an expression of femininity,” says François Le Troquer, Managing Director of Cartier, “Still an icon, still a living legend. What is unique about Cartier is the way we can create a panther, so that when you look at it, you almost see the animal ready to jump.”

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