Dear Dior Featured

The new collection of Dior jewellery created by Victoire de Castellane

by 17 September 2012

 Why 'Dear Dior'? Partly because Christian Dior had the habit of asking his models to wear rhinestone necklaces and pearl bracelets at his fashion shows. This new collection by Victoire de Castellane returns to this concept of costume jewellery in a series of fine jewellery pieces in which colour and size are exuberant, almost excessive, a combination of diamonds, opals and sapphires. But it's not all bold and brash: and the back of each piece is a reproduction of the lace used in couture dresses by Christian Dior between 1947 and 1957.

The collection, presented at the Biennale des Antiquaires 2012, is abstract and geometrical in theme, unlike previous collections such as Bal des Roses with a significant narrative content. But there is still a cross-referencing theme to each piece, because each jewellery piece includes a detail from an haute couture dress, such as Dentelle Chantilly Multicolore, Organza Brodé Paraïba and so forth.

Click on the Slideshow at the top to see a selection of pieces.

The crafts skill incorporated in each piece is exceptional, as always for Dior jewellery. And the final effect is one of kaleidoscopic colour. I guess that either you like it or you don't.

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