De Beers - Imaginary Nature collection Featured

The natural world evoked in diamonds and precious metals

by 20 July 2012

De Beers have presented their Imaginary Nature collection, in which inspiration from the natural world reaches new heights. There are also some interesting features, such as the Imaginary Nature necklace which has a detachable brooch. Forms are voluptuously organic, and evoke nature without actually depicting it, rather like the way in which the Corinthian capital in classical architecture was supposedly inspired by acanthus leaves. The Embrace ring swirls around a beautiful pear-cut diamond, like a rare orchid or a sequence of petals, or leaves. In the Imaginary Nature Unveiling earrings, a whole sequence of gemstone-studded triangular shapes resemble leaves descending on a long, sinuous stalk. Buds, blossom, foliage, blooms, butterflies, everything is suggested in De Beers' exquisite diamonds.

Above, the Imaginary Nature Flight ring. Below, the Imaginary Nature cuff.

Below, the Imaginary Nature Ascending Ring

Below, the Imaginary Nature necklace with detachable brooch

Below, the same necklace without the brooch

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