Piaget - La Vie en Rose collection Featured

The strikingly graceful series of jewellery bedazzles the senses

by 05 July 2012

When a rose serves as the inspiration for a new jewellery collection by Piaget, the Swiss watch-making dynasty, perhaps some explanations are called for. The rose, which has been a constant presence in the Piaget brand since the 1970s, is Yves G. Piaget’s passion. He grows roses in his own garden and draws on them for inspiration and continued good luck for his watch and jewellery establishment. Owing to Piaget’s initiative, the annual winner of Geneva‘s new rose competition (Concours International de Roses Nouvelles) is awarded a solid gold, full-sized rose from his design atelier. It is a much-coveted prize that is matched by the success that has blossomed from Piaget‘s ardour for the noblest of all flowers. The appellation “Yves Piaget rose” was bestowed upon a lavishly-blooming rose that won the competition in 1982 and thereafter went on to win two additional prestigious prizes that year. Since that time, the rose has been revered by Piaget as both a good luck charm and a muse.

The breathtaking line “Magic Gardens of Piaget,” modelled after a reinterpretation of the eponymous rose’s fragile elegance, is among the prized highlights of this rose-touched collection. It could easily have been plucked from a garden of gold and flawless diamonds. Tender petals of pink or white gold and brilliant-cut gemstones – as clear as glistening dewdrops – beget a lovely and gracefully organic charm that captures the marvelled attention of their beholder. In this new collection, Piaget expertly unites the beauty of nature with consummately devoted jewellery craftsmanship. The results speak for themselves.

This line’s ornamentation is as playful and poetic as a love poem and endowed with the charisma of a sunrise. The timelessly and beautifully-wrought pieces are messengers of eternity and the renewal of love. The earrings and jewelled necklaces capture the charm of a rose’s ephemeral blossoms and let them shine in the splendour of most exquisite materials. Enjoy la vie en rose because the happy spirit of the rose pervades every day with Piaget’s new jewellery collection.

Above, Yves Piaget. Below, design decisions at the Piaget Manufacture.

Above, the Piaget Manufacture.

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